Frank’s: Garlic Balls


I have to give a shout out to my cousin for bringing this place to my attention, because until this year I thought that Garlic Balls (in Westchester) were only found at PPT’s/Michelangelo’s.


Whats good about having a location like Frank’s that serves Garlic Balls, is that we in Westchester now have a bit of variety, given that both PPT’s and Frank’s provide slightly different versions of this side dish.

Frank’s Garlic Balls are sweet and have a good garlic flavor; while not as prevalent as the garlic in PPT’s, it is more than enough to provide the flavor you are looking for. The balls are both doughy and somewhat oily; focusing more on thickness of the dough, than crispness of the skin, although they still have a nice crunch to them.


Frank’s in Port Chester is a nice alternative to PPT’s/Michelangelo’s when you want some Garlic Balls. Along with their garlic, they also make Cinnamon Balls (review coming) and Zeppoli Balls, so there will be a nice variety for you to choose from. If you can make the trip to Port Chester, I highly suggest you do so.

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Lago: Speck


Lago is a nice Italian restaurant (ristorante) in West Harrison that makes some pretty good, authentic Italian food. While there were many intriguing options on the menu, the appetizer that I decided to try was a meat dish known simply as “Speck.”

For those who don’t know (and I certainly didn’t), Speck is the name of a particular type of prosciutto, which the menu describes as “Smoked pork belly from Trentino region.”


The Speck was thinly sliced with a smooth and polished texture; in terms of flavor it was sweet, but with a nice accompaniment of saltiness. It was moist, while also having the tiniest bit of hardness on the edges.

I happened to show this picture to a foodie friend of mine, and he opined that this was possibly one of the best cuts of this particular meat that he had ever seen, and he may very well be right, as this smoked pork belly was quite tasty.

Lago’s Speck was a good start to my meal, the entree of which will be covered at a later date. One thing is for certain; Lago definitely deserves respect as an Italian restaurant, and has earned a future return visit from yours truly; I hope that it will gain your business as well.

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Prohibition River: Bacon Meatballs


For the second time this year I get to cover a meatball unlike any I’ve ever had, although this one is located much closer to home in Nyack NY.


These bacon meatballs are a staple appetizer at Prohibition River, and are very unique in texture and flavor. I have never had a meatball this tender. Whereas most meatballs provide some sort of resistance when cutting through them, my fork went through these like a knife in butter; but in this case, surprisingly, it worked.

The texture of the outside of the meatballs was nice, differing slightly from a normal rough, gravy covered ball; and there where small bits of bacon inside whose flavor spread throughout the meat. Another great flavor included is the slightly spicy tomato chutney, and the garnish of greens and Parmesan cheese slices were a nice touch.


Prohibition River’s Bacon Meatballs are a wonderful appetizer, and a great way to start off your meal there. You can also do what I did and make your meal a pair of appetizers (Chicken Fried Steak Bites and Bacon Meatballs) and be satisfied in your choice; either way, you will always be a winner at Prohibition River.

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