Westchester Burger Co: Italian Nutella Shake


Ever since Cheeburger Cheeburger shut down I’ve been looking for a place to get a really good milkshake; so far, I have found a couple of places, and Westchester Burger Co. is one of the best. This is a flavor I’d never heard of before, the Italian Nutella shake.


What a unique flavor! Thick, like a milkshake should be, it tasted just like Nutella, except liquefied; with a nice mixture of both chocolate and hazelnut flavor.

On top was a fresh, light and airy whipped cream that seemed to be home made. It is without a doubt some of the best whipped cream I’ve had in a long time, nothing about it seemed artificial or mass produced.

If you feel in the mood for a good milkshake in Westchester, Westchester Burger Co. is a place you should definitely check out. I will be back with my other choice location for Milkshakes soon, so please stay tuned.

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Westchester Burger Co: Fried Pickles


Fried Pickles are one of my favorite sides, ranking up there with Onion Rings and French Fries as one of the best fried foods to have with a burger. We already know WBC can make a great burger, but what about their sides?


Following the traditional method of using bite sized pickle slices, WBC did a great job creating a side this memorable; the pickles were very crunchy in and of themselves, and the crunch was helped along by the fried “skin” covering each slice.

The flavor of the pickle was subtle and not overpowering, which plays well with your taste buds; mix all of this together with a fantastic Chipotle remoulade, and you have a great mix of crunchy and mildly spicy fried pickle slices to settle your hunger until your burger arrives.

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Westchester Burger Co: The Hangover


For my 25th birthday, my friends and I decided to revisit Westchester Burger Co. and see what else they had for us to try; the Hangover at Westchester Burger is very similar to the Pretzel Burger, which I reviewed here, albeit with some very important differences.


Nestled in between two halves of a soft brioche bun, the beef patty was tender, juicy, and cooked to be perfectly rare. Topping said patty was some nice, melted Monterey Jack cheese, bacon that was not only crispy, but carried with it a fantastic salt/pork flavor, and a fried egg that was both messy and delicious.

Using the condiments at hand, I was also able to try bites of this burger with both chipotle remoulade, and chipotle ranch, both adding a unique and unbelievable change of pace and flavor to an already great burger.

After two trips to Westchester Burger Co., I believe without a shadow of a doubt that it is one of the best burger joints around, and I’m looking forward to more visits in the future.

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Frank’s: Cinnamon Balls


We’re back at Frank’s to try out a different kind of balled treat, the Cinnamon Ball.


The easiest way I can describe this treat is that it is a cinnamon stick in ball form; not that that’s a bad thing. Each ball has its own strong taste of cinnamon, even at times mimicking the flavor of a Cinnabon. It is doughy, and covered in a nice brown sugar; and while its good by itself, Frank’s also gives you a fair amount of vanilla frosting to top this delicious confection.


Frank’s Cinnamon Balls are a nice accompanying dish to have while eating a piping hot pizza; they can be eaten as an appetizer, a side, or even a dessert. No matter how you decide to eat them however, the best decision you can make is to order them in the first place.

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Lago: Linguine and Clams


Growing up, Linguine with Clam Sauce was one of my favorite dishes, and it still is to this day; its for that reason that I am a very hard critic when it comes to this dish. I have found, sadly, that so many people simply fail at making a proper Linguine with Clam Sauce, and no one comes close to making it like my mom does.

My last experience with this restaurant bought dish ended pretty badly, so I was worried that Lago’s might turn out to be a let down; could it live up to my expectations?


I must admit that the first couple of bites had me worried that this would be just another failed attempt at one of my favorite foods, but with each and every bite thereafter, I found myself liking it more and more.

The linguine was soft, but slightly more al dente than I’m used to; a feature that was different, but added to the overall experience with its uniqueness. The clams were as they should be, salty and bite sized, with just enough chewiness to where they neither melted in your mouth nor stayed around for too long.

Mixed into the pasta were small, crunchy garlic cloves, and the Parmesan sprinkled on top was another new and welcome element; the final touch was a nice buttery sauce that the pasta and clams rested in until there was none left to be had.

All in all this was the best Linguine and Clams I’ve ever had in a restaurant, and I would give it a big thumbs up; I still think my mom’s version is better, but hey, its hard to beat home cooking right?

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