Piper’s Kilt: Mac and Cheese


It took me awhile but I finally made it back to the Kilt, and boy am I ever glad I did. Today’s review will focus on their Mac and Cheese appetizer, with their Steak Sandwich coming later this week.


This Mac and Cheese is heavenly. It’s light and creamy consistency combines for both a great texture and a wonderful flavor combination. The cheese on top is akin to a a light comforter, the purpose of which is to keep you warm in bed, while not being too heavy as it covers you; this is what the cheese did for the macaroni.

Speaking of the Mac, it was soft and saturated in the creaminess of the cheese; combined together, this dish encompasses elements that make it the ultimate comfort food.

This is one of the best appetizers and certainly one of the best Mac and Cheese dishes in Westchester (or anywhere for that matter). If you are a fan of this dish, be sure to order it next time you visit Piper’s Kilt, you won’t regret it.

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