The Cobble Stone: 5 Napkin 14 Spice Stuffed Burger


Our next food excursion takes us to The Cobble Stone in Purchase New York, where I got to try the 5 Napkin, 14 Spice Stuffed Burger. Now that name is a mouthful and so is the burger, but before we get to the main course, we need to talk about the appetizer – Cobble Stone’s Jalapeno-chedder poppers.


As an aside, my friends had the Bocconcini Balls appetizer (pictured above), which was very good (they let me try it); with fresh mozzarella, fried coating and marinara sauce its hard to go wrong.

As for my poppers, they were coated with a nice and crunchy breading, had a good creamy cheddar filling, and a mildly hot pepper, all of which coalesced into a great flavor combination. On the side was a sweet black cherry sauce, unlike anything I’ve ever had before, and the perfect sweet counter to the peppers’ spice. I urge everyone to try this – its that good.

20160304_195258 (1)

This burger is huge. Housed in a traditional hamburger role and coated in 14 spices, Cobble Stone stuffs the inside of their burger with juicy onions, cheese and chili. The burger itself is thick, tender, and very juicy; the chili was spicy and added even more flair to the 14 spices that were infused into the meat.


This burger certainly gives you your moneys worth; the meat itself was good and the chili, cheese and onions that it was stuffed with were the perfect combination for this particular concoction. If you are worried you can’t finish it, don’t worry, I couldn’t either and duly discovered that this burger has a great reheat value.

My advice is to go to Cobble Stone, get this burger, and enjoy the heck out of it. I know I will be returning eventually, and I’m looking forward to it immensely.