Westchester Burger Co: Fried Pickles


Fried Pickles are one of my favorite sides, ranking up there with Onion Rings and French Fries as one of the best fried foods to have with a burger. We already know WBC can make a great burger, but what about their sides?


Following the traditional method of using bite sized pickle slices, WBC did a great job creating a side this memorable; the pickles were very crunchy in and of themselves, and the crunch was helped along by the fried “skin” covering each slice.

The flavor of the pickle was subtle and not overpowering, which plays well with your taste buds; mix all of this together with a fantastic Chipotle remoulade, and you have a great mix of crunchy and mildly spicy fried pickle slices to settle your hunger until your burger arrives.

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Frank’s: Cinnamon Balls


We’re back at Frank’s to try out a different kind of balled treat, the Cinnamon Ball.


The easiest way I can describe this treat is that it is a cinnamon stick in ball form; not that that’s a bad thing. Each ball has its own strong taste of cinnamon, even at times mimicking the flavor of a Cinnabon. It is doughy, and covered in a nice brown sugar; and while its good by itself, Frank’s also gives you a fair amount of vanilla frosting to top this delicious confection.


Frank’s Cinnamon Balls are a nice accompanying dish to have while eating a piping hot pizza; they can be eaten as an appetizer, a side, or even a dessert. No matter how you decide to eat them however, the best decision you can make is to order them in the first place.

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Frank’s: Garlic Balls


I have to give a shout out to my cousin for bringing this place to my attention, because until this year I thought that Garlic Balls (in Westchester) were only found at PPT’s/Michelangelo’s.


Whats good about having a location like Frank’s that serves Garlic Balls, is that we in Westchester now have a bit of variety, given that both PPT’s and Frank’s provide slightly different versions of this side dish.

Frank’s Garlic Balls are sweet and have a good garlic flavor; while not as prevalent as the garlic in PPT’s, it is more than enough to provide the flavor you are looking for. The balls are both doughy and somewhat oily; focusing more on thickness of the dough, than crispness of the skin, although they still have a nice crunch to them.


Frank’s in Port Chester is a nice alternative to PPT’s/Michelangelo’s when you want some Garlic Balls. Along with their garlic, they also make Cinnamon Balls (review coming) and Zeppoli Balls, so there will be a nice variety for you to choose from. If you can make the trip to Port Chester, I highly suggest you do so.

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O’Malley’s: Beer Battered Onion Rings


Yes, its now time to review another side dish; it won’t be too complicated, just a brief explanation as to why O’Malley’s makes some of the better ones I’ve had.

As with fries, onion rings are a dish that is very easily done wrong; many times they are flimsy, lacking enough breading and crunch, or suffer from limp and tasteless onions that slide out of the breading with the first bite. O’Malley’s onion rings suffer from none of these things.


O’Malley’s breads their onion rings quite nicely, which in turn provides the rings with firmness and a good crunch; the casing holds the onion in place after the first bite has been taken, and the onion itself is sweet and does not suffer from a watery lack of taste.

To be sure, when going to O’Malley’s, the best side dish to order is the Beer Battered Onion Rings, you definitely will not be disappointed in this selection.

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PPT’s: Garlic Balls


Today’s review is a little different as it will be my first ever review of a side dish; namely, Garlic Balls from Pizza, Pasta, and Things (which can be found in both Port Chester and West Harrison).

Now some of you may have immediately thought of Garlic Knots, and if so, you need to put that completely out of your mind; because Garlic Balls are a different, and more delicious animal than are Garlic Knots.

Part of what makes Garlic Balls so great is that they are a rare commodity; there are only three locations that you can acquire these treats, with two of them being in Westchester (Clino’s and Michelangelo’s). So without further ado:


Full disclosure; you have not had a true pizza experience until you have had Garlic Balls with your pie/slice. So I know you are wondering how they taste, right?

The outside “skin” of the ball has a light crisp to it (you will hear a crunch of sorts when you bite in), but at the same time is soft, doughy, and lightly moist. There is a definite element of grease there, but it is in no way overwhelming; and the flavor combination is a complex and thoroughly enjoyable one. PPT’s combines their seasoning generously to bring about a taste that is garlicky, sweet, and even a bit buttery.

Garlic Balls are a rare treat that breaks away from the traditional Garlic Knot, and is a side that will always leave you wanting more (and that’s not a bad thing); so when you have a chance, treat yourself to a nice order of Garlic Balls down at Clino’s or Michelangelo’s Pizza, Pasta, and Things.

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