Big Apple Smoothie: Lean and Mean


Are you looking for something to eat that is both healthy and delicious? If so, you should pop into Big Apple Smoothie in White Plains for one of their signature smoothies. Today’s selection: the strawberry and peach infused “Lean and Mean.”

Big Apple Smoothie provides the lethal combination of both taste and size to their smoothies, the size ratio can be seen in the following photo:



That right there is my Lean and Mean next to my 80gb IPOD Classic; and if you own one, you know it isn’t exactly a tiny machine, and yet it is dwarfed by the Smoothie. What is so great about the size is that not only do you get to consume even more delicious smoothie than if you were to get a smaller size elsewhere; but it actually satisfies your hunger for hours, taking away the need to snack throughout the day. Here is what the smoothie itself looks like:


It is thick, but not too thick (like a milkshake would be) and whereas some food companies claim multiple tastes in their products but only deliver on one, Big Apple Smoothie’s Lean and Mean has a strong taste of both Peach and Strawberry; and they happen to mix together quite nicely. I highly recommend Big Apple Smoothie for all your Smoothie consuming needs.

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