Frank’s: Cinnamon Balls


We’re back at Frank’s to try out a different kind of balled treat, the Cinnamon Ball.


The easiest way I can describe this treat is that it is a cinnamon stick in ball form; not that that’s a bad thing. Each ball has its own strong taste of cinnamon, even at times mimicking the flavor of a Cinnabon. It is doughy, and covered in a nice brown sugar; and while its good by itself, Frank’s also gives you a fair amount of vanilla frosting to top this delicious confection.


Frank’s Cinnamon Balls are a nice accompanying dish to have while eating a piping hot pizza; they can be eaten as an appetizer, a side, or even a dessert. No matter how you decide to eat them however, the best decision you can make is to order┬áthem in the first place.

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