City Limits: Chocolate Milkshake


As I have mentioned before, I have been on the lookout for a good place to get a Milkshake ever since Cheeburger Cheeburger shut down; and while I managed to find one in Westchester Burger Co., my search has not yet ended. Fortunately, I have found another great spot in City Limits.


This shake has a great consistency, thick and of an ice creamy quality. You can really taste the chocolate within, and very importantly, it is cold. Ice cold.

When you try to suck it up through the straw, it takes some time coming up, which is exactly what you want in a proper Milkshake.

So if you are in the White Plains area and you are craving a Milkshake, I recommend visiting City Limits; you’re in for a treat.

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Westchester Burger Co: Italian Nutella Shake


Ever since Cheeburger Cheeburger shut down I’ve been looking for a place to get a really good milkshake; so far, I have found a couple of places, and Westchester Burger Co. is one of the best. This is a flavor I’d never heard of before, the Italian Nutella shake.


What a unique flavor! Thick, like a milkshake should be, it tasted just like Nutella, except liquefied; with a nice mixture of both chocolate and hazelnut flavor.

On top was a fresh, light and airy whipped cream that seemed to be home made. It is without a doubt some of the best whipped cream I’ve had in a long time, nothing about it seemed artificial or mass produced.

If you feel in the mood for a good milkshake in Westchester, Westchester Burger Co. is a place you should definitely check out. I will be back with my other choice location for Milkshakes soon, so please stay tuned.

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