Wolfort’s Roost: Fried Chicken (and Tostones)


This will be a sad and unique review because for the first, and hopefully last time, I will be reviewing something that you can no longer buy; because sadly, Wolfort’s Roost is closed forever.

But even though this quaint and homey little restaurant with the open kitchen is no longer open for business, doesn’t mean their food doesn’t deserve one last good word. I had heard about this restaurant and fried chicken from a friend of mine who stumbled on the website while looking for restaurants to visit in Westchester, sadly, he never got to visit before they closed, so this is as much for him as it is for anyone.

Side Dish; Duck Fat Yukon Tostones:


These Tostones (although made with potatoes instead of plantains) were seriously one one the best side dishes I have ever had. Each Tostone was thick, moist, and kind of rich. The flavor was a fantastic combination of salty and sweet, an all around wonderful cornucopia  of taste.

Sweet Tea brined Fried Chicken:


 I have never had a fried chicken like this, and the sweet tea brine was what caught my eye big time. The chicken was lightly breaded, which means the skin wasn’t as thick as some other fried chickens, but there was still some pretty good crunch in many areas of the chicken.

The meat of the chicken was juicy and came off the bone quite nicely, and the flavor of the sweet tea along with the lemon came through very well, a unique and wonderful flavor to be sure. I only ordered the half chicken, but it was very filling and a meal I will remember for a long time.

While this was not the best fried chicken I have ever had, it was certainly the most unique, which is why it is such a shame it is no longer available. I can only hope that I find another sweet tea brined fried chicken as good as this one in Westchester County, and soon.