Westchester Burger Co: Pretzel Burger


Today’s entry focuses on a very special creation from the world of  gourmet burgers; the Pretzel Burger from Westchester Burger Co.

Westchester Burger (located in White Plains, Rye Brook, Mt. Kisco and West Nyack) truly takes the art of burger making to a whole new level. Anyone can make a burger, not everyone can make a burger well; but these guys sure can. If you don’t know what to get on their menu, the unique Pretzel Burger is a great place to start:


Lets begin with the burger’s namesake, the Pretzel bun. The bun was quite good; soft, but firm, with the classic pretzel taste we have all come to know and love. The burger itself was of fine quality; cooked rare (by request), it was seasoned well and was perfectly juicy. The melted cheddar cheese was smooth and added a nice semi sweet flavor to the meat; but what stood out apart from your normal burger elements, were the great choices in toppings.

The bacon was exactly what you wanted on a burger like this; not only did it have a nice crisp on it, but the grease and fat content it boasted were as good as you are going to get anywhere. What also made this bacon special was the fact that it was maple bacon; at first I thought they had literally drizzled maple syrup on my burger. Alas, that was not the case, but the bacon supplied a very nice maple syrup component to an already tasty burger.

The egg is the final element that makes this burger so special. Admittedly if you were to ask me what toppings should go on a burger, egg would not be my first choice; but in this case it totally worked. The egg provided a welcome taste and texture of custard, and the runny yoke was both messy and delightful.

Westchester Burger Co. definitely knows how to make a great meal; not only is their Pretzel Burger a king in the world of burgers, entirely worthy of the term gourmet; but their side dishes are great as well, as I enjoyed my burger with a nice addition of crisp waffle fries with spicy ranch dipping sauce…delicious.

If you like burgers and more importantly, burgers that taste great, Westchester Burger Co. is where you need to go. They have three locations spread around the county; you have no excuse not to.

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